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Corporate Events
With over 1.000 corporate events every year, and a consolidated experience over two decades, we can confidently say that the production and execution of corporate events is our core competence. We are used to meeting the expectations of highly demanding clients, and our primary aim is to provide highly effective production services whilst instilling trust and confidence in our customers. We pay close attention to details, not only to ensure technical security, but also to deliver a polished look and highly professional feel.

Our mission is to ensure that our customer’s event looks impressive, runs smoothly and ends up a big overall success. The sum of many small details makes a great event.

Events & Technology uses its own video, lighting and sound equipment. It also provides high quality rental sceneries. It even has its own workshop capable of designing and building any kind of custom-made stage design.

Events & Technology has consolidated experience in producing for congresses, offering a wide range of branding options for sponsors and exhibitors, as well as in the handling of public presentations.

Use our expertise and make it work for you today.