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About Us

Events & Technology is a comprehensive technical production services company focused on corporate events, international congresses, as well as gala dinners and private events hosted in and around Barcelona. We provide an extensive range of services integrating content design, stage scenery, corporate imaging, lighting technology, video and sound technology, focusing on highly demanding multinational corporations as well as international associations and organizations.

Founded in 2001, the company has become a leading player in the events technology market in Barcelona, thanks to its continuous success in responding to high expectations, delivering quality results and instilling confidence in its customers.

Its prime location on the Mediterranean, and its architecture, design and flair, has for several decades made Barcelona a favourable location to host events, corporate meetings as well as international conventions, sporting and music events, incentives etc.

It is the preferred location for several global corporations who repeatedly return to Barcelona.

Events & Technology is an experienced local technical production services supplier, with consolidated know-how in this location, superbly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

At Events &Technology, our mission is to provide reliable results and to instil trust and confidence in our customers. Our primary aim is to meet customer expectations and to ensure that our customer’s event is a great success.

We are experts at conveying the event’s communication across all aspects of the experience to provide the greatest possible impact. Whether it’s creative or technical elements you need, we can help.

The technical options available, given the latest technological developments, are very diverse. A wide array of options offers so many different opportunities to convey the desired message to your customers.

We are not just AV specialists and designers; we are AV/ Production consultants. Our team will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring that you understand all the potential and technologies that your event has access to.

Over the years we have realized that every client is different, but they all want the same result, they want a great event!



With over 300 corporate events every year, and a consolidated experience over one and a half decades, we can confidently say that the production and execution of corporate events is our core competence. We are used to meeting the expectations of highly demanding clients, and our primary aim is to provide highly effective production services whilst instilling trust and confidence in our customers. We pay close attention to details, not only to ensure technical security, but also to deliver a polished look and highly professional feel.

Our mission is to ensure that our customer’s event looks impressive, runs smoothly and ends up a big overall success.

The sum of many small details makes a great event.

E&T uses its own video, lighting and sound equipment. It also provides high quality rental sceneries. It even has its own workshop capable of designing and building any kind of custom-made stage design.

E&T has consolidated experience in producing for congresses, offering a wide range of branding options for sponsors and exhibitors, as well as in the handling of public presentations.

Use our expertise and make it work for you today.


A gala dinner or party is a different setting than a corporate business session, but that doesn’t make it any simpler. Gala events very often include filming, life performances, artists, music, award ceremonies, videos, special lighting, and many other elements. Based on the specific characteristics of the venues chosen, Events and Technology offers a wide range of technical possibilities to provide a unique experience and produce the desired effect and result required by our customers. This may include lighting colour textures, uncovering surprise stages, using a combination of sound and light effects, or creating completely new thematic realities. Our objective is always to ensure that the event is a memorable success. Events and Technology has consolidated experience in producing and executing events in the most charismatic, beautiful and impressive venues in and around Barcelona.


Every outdoor event is unique. It provides the ideal opportunity to play with existing environmental elements, be it buildings or nature, and it allows you to use shapes and forms, colours, feels and looks, as well as playing with light and shadows in order to create the most diverse range of atmospheres depending on the overall effect desired by our client. It makes it possible to add new elements, both physical ones as well as lights, colours and sounds, and enables you to create a completely new and stunning atmosphere or look. This also means that you can combine existing elements with added ones, and a combination of all these details completes the picture harmoniously and creates a balance, making for a memorable event.


Live music events are about the art of performance, but a great event not only requires the sound as well as the visuals to be fascinating, but it is also about the venue chosen. The engineering of live concerts needs to be impeccable, the effect must be impressive. There are few occasions in which the ‘wow’ effect is more important than at a live music concert. A successful concert provides the audience with a unique experience, which they will remember for a long time.

We know how to make the very best out of the most diverse events, from rock concerts to symphonic orchestras.


Social events, such as Weddings, anniversaries or celebrations are full of emotional values, so they must be special, they have to look unique, and they have to be absolutely fascinating and memorable. Allow us to put our technical expertise and latest technology at your service to provide you with the most beautiful possible moments of a lifetime.



Scenery design is a key component of the overall look and feel of a corporate event. Events & Technology has the expertise to design and provide both rental scenery stages and backdrops as well as designing and producing custom-made backdrops, stages and also stadium seating. We have consolidated experience in developing innovative set up and dismantling techniques, providing unmatched flexibility and speed in these procedures, allowing customers to change the shape, size, and purpose of venues several times during one event.

The production starts at the floor plan CAD design, because location, space, number of spectators, distances and angles are vitally important factors.

We have the expertise to split a plenary scenery into breakouts within 25 minutes.

We also provide welcome desks, several lecterns, head tables for panel discussions, built-in phone chargers, and a wide variety of other rental scenery elements.


Lighting Technology is an art in itself. Lighting can create the most diverse atmospheres. Lighting technology has evolved significantly with the implementation of led as well as mobile lighting equipment. Technological change has had a significant impact and allows for a vast array of possibilities; the complete look and feel of one same venue can be transformed completely just by using a creative combination of these technologies. Events & Technology has the experience and owns state-of-the-art equipment placing creativity at the service of our clients, helping them to transmit the right message and creating the desired effect on their audiences.

Lighting is the makeup of spaces, and as such, it is essential to know how to treat it delicately, with elegance and knowledge.


We are in the era of imagery, and video is essential to any event. The engineering surrounding Video Technology must be impeccable, the result has to be impressive, and the quality of a corporate event very much depends on the quality of Video. Minimizing risk and ensuring reliability is paramount here, the key elements to guarantee this are based not only on quality equipment and excellent staff but also on video layout engineering. Video includes filming, recording, projection, video streaming, blending, mapping, teleprompter and other video technologies.


Sound technology is a science in itself. The highest quality of sound is indispensable for smooth corporate event execution. The way speakers, microphones and control tables are placed however, follows aesthetical principles. The aim is to provide a place where technology is invisible; it must work and sound perfectly, but it should not interfere with the aesthetical neatness of the place. That is, speakers should never stand in the way, cables should not be visible, monitors and control units should be hidden behind covers or furniture units, and all the technical equipment, staff and control units, should remain unnoticed by the audience.


Branding is one of the most critical and sensitive elements at a corporate event. It is about the image of the firm towards its key audience. There are plenty of ways to provide brand visibility, depending on the location, venue, atmosphere, look & feel of the event. Brands can be produced 3D and integrated physically into a scenography, they can be projected on screens, walls or backdrops; and they can be printed and located in many places in diverse ways. Events & Technology has consolidated experience in utilizing the newest technologies to help you convey the desired message to your audience. We are experts at combining creative and technical elements so that your message creates the biggest impact possible.


Other Services include a wide range of additional technical solutions often required for events, be it translator equipment, voting systems, dancefloor and disco equipment, thematic decoration, power generators, communication equipment such as intercoms or walkie-talkies, flags, confetti cannons, flipcharts, and a long etc. Our technical production team is happy to listen to your needs and to offer specific technical solutions. Events & Technology has consolidated experience and a solid reputation for combining creativity and feasibility and for delivering both reliable and impressive production engineering solutions.